Our Sponsors

We are very pleased to be supported by many of the sports leading brands.

Our sponsors haven’t happened by accident,  it’s the coming together of the industry’s leading off road brands and Track n Trail  have always lead the way In what we do in the south and it is refreshing and exciting  to be involved with brands who have the same ethos, with innovation they also leading the way.

It is a win, win, for both sides a great partnership of support from our sponsors we, provide them with great coverage and in return we receive some great products for our riders and team.

We use their products day in and day out and for that reason we consider that they are the best products on the market.  They may not be the cheapest but  we believe they are the coolest and the best products on the market, giving good value for money.


We been using their boots, clothing and jackets since Track n Trail started up.  As a youth, I remember saving my pocket money to buy my first leather trails boots in the 70s and I still have them to this day!

You can’t miss this huge global brand whether you are watching MotoGP, F1, basically every motor sport out there you will see Elite athletes wearing the Alpinestars clothing and boots ,the logo is everywhere you look and for good reason.

In 1963, a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo brought forth a future icon. Development started from the moment the first boot was produced, with the help of feedback from the riders, and by the early 1970s, Roger de Coster had brought Alpinestars its first World Motocross Championship accolade Roger went on to win five World Motocross Championships and began a continuous run of success for Alpinestars that continues to the present day.

Now, over 50 years later, Alpinestars has outfitted countless world champions past and present and produces the highest level of performance and protective footwear and apparel.   To this day, Alpinestars' legacy of motorcycle racing and its roots in Italian artistry are crafted into every product.


DEP are suppliers of Exhaust Pipes & Silencers

We always run DEP expansion pipes and  my personal favourite is the Extreme. This is an expansion 2st pipe which is high tensile built for extreme events and takes knocks extremely  well .

I also rate the S7 4 stroke pipe with a great look, great performance and it keeps noise to a sensible level. 

Dep Pipes are a prestigious brand and leading innovator in motocross Exhaust Systems. They are a UK based company with many years of experience in the field of motocross and Enduro.




Renthal is a worldwide leader in manufacturing and design motorcycle handlebars, chainwheels, grips and accessories for the off-road, street, and ATV markets .

Renthal was formed in 1969 initially making handlebars for trials bikes.

In 1975 the company entered the motocross market, with a full time production facility in Manchester, UK. The very same place where the company resides today. Renthal grew steadily through the 70's and 80's before bursting into the US market in the early 90's.

2019 marked Renthal's 50th year of producing handlebars.

With 213 World and 222 USA titles no other handlebar and chainwheel manufacturer comes close.  It is the ability to use the world’s best race teams and riders to constantly develop and improve our products that gives them the winning edge over our competitors.

Troy Lee Designs

We absolutely love this brand, it’s got to be the coolest brand out there.

What began as a hobby of a motocross racing teenager named Troy Lee, painting helmets in his parents garage for his friends, has grown to become recognized as the premier custom helmet paint shop in the world. Troy Lee Designs supplies motocross and mountain bike gear to the world's fastest racers.

This is Troy ‘s words 50 years on.

“We are driven by creative horsepower, an intense competitive spirit with a love for riding and racing. We have a deep passion for innovation, safety and performance while always exceeding artistic boundaries. Our mission is to create revolutionary speed equipment for the world’s fastest racers and enthusiasts while ensuring that every product reflects the TLD signature. Our intense passion for the lifestyle we lead on and off the track will always define what we create and why we create it. We hope you enjoy this passion with us.”


We have two days of coaching At Orchard Park.
13th May 2022
We have two days of coaching at Orchard Park. Our Track n Trail coaching clinics will run Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June.
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We've had the worst possible start to 2022  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook
22nd February 2022
We've had the worst possible start to the year  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook.  We put the track up two times, only to have it flattened by the wind even before last weekend storms, so we've now disassembled and taken down what remained of the track. That's more than three weeks work wasted for us with no event to show for it.  Very demoralising but it is now time to put a line through it and put our efforts into the calendar for the rest of the year.  
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News March 2021
03rd March 2021
News Update 3rd March 2021 As it stands we can begin to run motorcycle events from the 29th of March .
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News Jan 2021
09th February 2021
Happy new year to you all. It  is not the start to 2021 that we were hoping for!
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