Track n Trail Venues

Alresford Woods - Near Winchester

This beautiful new Woodland was only introduced 2 years ago.

The Freeride track is set in a very large broad leaf woodland. With mostly swift meandering tracks and some fast rides. The track includes big bomb holes, lots of banks and jumps.

Track length estimated about 4 to 5 miles.

Hampton - 3 miles West of Dorchester

This was a new race track the year before last and has much more of a scramble track style, similar in the lay out to Waterston Ridge. Track length 4-5 miles of track made up of wheat stubble fields and some grass fields. We normally bring in a digger to create a fun and flowing MX track with small jumps, some man-made berms and whatever else we dream up!

We usually include a small Enduro Cross track ,with logs, tyres, holes and jumps which makes a great hard route.

We will have a kids track for 50cc and 65cc beginners. £10 for the day.

We also have some grass covered rolling hills to add to this track if the weather is dry.

Knook Race - On the edge off Salisbury Plain, close to A303, near Warminster

This is an excellent track and great fun to ride. It has good parking in a large stubble field and includes the start that has been marked out like an old-school scramble track. When riding the track, you are never far from various woodland sections. There are some great hard route sections which can be easily avoided if you wish. The second part of the track leads into a steep grassy valley, some of which is covered in woodland, with open sections which ride like a swift roller coaster ride.

Track length will be 3 to 4 miles.

This Track is suitable for all abilities.

Lytchett Estate - Near Wimborne

This new track has only been used once before, the venue is on the East side of the estate, Nr Wimborne. This very popular course includes plenty of broad leaf woodland sections mixed with stunning grass parkland sections and including a very large hilly forest area.

There is good parking within the grass parkland area where the track starts, the course runs 3-4 miles incorporating all of this beautiful area.

There are plenty of open grass areas and one large bowl laid out as an old school scramble track. View the West Lytchett track from three years ago, similar type of terrain, although this new track is much hillier.

Orchard Park Estate

The venue is between Wincanton and Glastonbury

This new Freeride track, from 2019, includes a very large woodland area with plenty of grass park land running through the new orchards, then onto a fast opening which ducks in and out of small woods and a Motocross track which is small but is a lot of fun.

This new venue is suitable for all abilities.

Camping is available and it is highly recommended at this beautiful estate with its grassland location nestling within the woodland. There is running water and plenty of loos, but you will need to bring everything else.

Track length 5 miles.

Plus a youth track for 50cc and 65cc or smaller.

Scrubs Farm - Near Winchester

This Freeride course includes a broad leaf woodland section. The start and parking area is in open grass parkland. The course  consists of 3-4 miles incorporating much of this beautiful area. There are many open grass areas with plenty of natural jumps.

Our riders have had the pleasure of using this beautiful land for more than 10 years.

Thorncombe - Between Bridport and Chard

An incredible track which has everything an Enduro rider could ask for.

This track incorporates grass fields, some moorland, no shortage of wooded terrain, rocky stream beds, some 3rd /4th gear open going and plenty of air time including a table top jump! Riding this track you will need to keep your eyes stretched and keep your mind focused for what is ahead.

We always enjoy putting events on at this challenging cross country venue and it's a big help having Richard a very chilled land owner working with us.


We have two days of coaching At Orchard Park.
13th May 2022
We have two days of coaching at Orchard Park. Our Track n Trail coaching clinics will run Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June.
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We've had the worst possible start to 2022  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook
22nd February 2022
We've had the worst possible start to the year  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook.  We put the track up two times, only to have it flattened by the wind even before last weekend storms, so we've now disassembled and taken down what remained of the track. That's more than three weeks work wasted for us with no event to show for it.  Very demoralising but it is now time to put a line through it and put our efforts into the calendar for the rest of the year.  
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News March 2021
03rd March 2021
News Update 3rd March 2021 As it stands we can begin to run motorcycle events from the 29th of March .
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News Jan 2021
09th February 2021
Happy new year to you all. It  is not the start to 2021 that we were hoping for!
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