About Track n Trail

Track n Trail put on Freeride events in and around Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

These Enduro practice days run every two to three weeks and most of the tracks are rideable for all abilities.

The Freerides offer an opportunity to ride at very well organized and friendly events which offer great value for money. Each event is at one of our many remarkable venues across the south and offers 5 hours of riding time without sessions. To enter an event go to the events page.

Our Freerides offer riders a day of off road riding within a very friendly and sociable environment amongst chilled out great people and because Freerides are not competitive the riders are all there to have fun and the atmosphere is generally relaxed. Riding cross country events doesn’t get much better than this.

We cater for all standards of racers by laying out a clear course with hard and easy route choices. This means we cater for everyone who enjoys off road riding, Beginners, Green Lanners, Enduro Racer, Mx Riders, Twin Shock and Evo Riders. We have even had world Champions in many disciplines join our days. Anyone who is just looking for a great practice day on new and always changing tracks.

We have more than twenty five venues to choose from we use some twice a year and some once every couple of years but every time we go back we plan the tracks very differently to the last time so you always feel you are exploring new terrain. You’ll never know what’s around the corner, with new venues constantly be added, every year is different to the last and we are proud that our venues are getting better and better.

Membership is not compulsory so anyone who is over 14 years old can just sign up and have a go. At all our events a burger bar, toilets and first aid is provided.

Track n Trail initially started by running popular races, for both the winter and summer series for over 10 years. Now we are pleased to offer these regular Freeride days with everyone doing their own thing and enjoying themselves.

Happy days!

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We have two days of coaching At Orchard Park.
13th May 2022
We have two days of coaching at Orchard Park. Our Track n Trail coaching clinics will run Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June.
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We've had the worst possible start to 2022  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook
22nd February 2022
We've had the worst possible start to the year  with 2 failed attempts at running Knook.  We put the track up two times, only to have it flattened by the wind even before last weekend storms, so we've now disassembled and taken down what remained of the track. That's more than three weeks work wasted for us with no event to show for it.  Very demoralising but it is now time to put a line through it and put our efforts into the calendar for the rest of the year.  
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News March 2021
03rd March 2021
News Update 3rd March 2021 As it stands we can begin to run motorcycle events from the 29th of March .
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News Jan 2021
09th February 2021
Happy new year to you all. It  is not the start to 2021 that we were hoping for!
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