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Track n Trail Rules

All riders must read and adhere to the rules

Outside of the track

  1. Strictly no riding outside the track or pit area (even with the engine off)
  2. Do not leave any litter behind, anyone caught littering will be banned
  3. You must always park your vehicles where an official has asked you to
  4. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times at an event
  5. Always check that overnight camping is permitted before setting off to do so
  6. Dogs must be on a lead at ALL times at an event venue, at certain venues dogs are prohibited
  7. Abuse to any official or marshal will not be tolerated
  8. Any vehicle bringing a motorcycle or fuel ect. to the event must carry their own fire extinguisher
  9. Any spectators or support crew must stay in the parking area and keep a safe distance from the track

Track and Pit Area

Only riders are allowed in the pit area/holding area.

  1. Any tyres are permitted at our events unless stipulated otherwise
  2. It is the rider’s responsibilities to maintain and silence his/her exhaust levels to 94db or under
  3. If bikes become too noisy within the event duration the bike will be removed from the track
  4. Strictly no refueling with engine running
  5. Fuelling is only allowed in the Pit area with bikes parked on an environmental mat.
  6. The blue roped/taped area means walking pace, fuel area etc
  7. Walking Pace when crossing any right of way
  8. All riders must wear the minimum of helmet, bearing the ACU gold or silver stamp in sound condition, boots, & goggles
  9. Helmets must be securely fastened at all times
  10. Riders must sign on before partaking
  11. Riding outside of the marked course is not allowed unless instructed by an official member of Track n Trail staff
  12. Never ride against oncoming traffic
  13. Abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour to other riders or officials is strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion from the day
  14. Faster riders must not be abusive to pass slower riders as this causes accidents and intimidation
  15. Slower riders should hold their line and leave room, when possible, for faster riders to overtake safely
  16. Tear-offs are strictly prohibited, we recommend roll-offs
  17. Riding through the course markings, i.e. stakes and tape will result in in exclusion from the event.
  18. No stopping on the racetrack, if you need to stop pull right off the track completely (fast riders could run into you). Please, keep the track clear at all times
  19. Any injuries should be reported to the race control or first aid staff  
Orchard Park Ride

Beginners Guide

Entry Procedure

  • We recommend that you book your place online through our website in advance of the event to avoid disappointment (most of our events fill up before the day of the event) however, if we have spaces available we will take day entries but this is not a guarantee
  • If you are wanting to cancel it must be done before the no- cancellations period, this is always the three days before the event. If you make a cancellation after the Thursday before the event, or you fail to turn up at the event, you will run the risk of not being able to enter for future events
  • We only run events if the weather permits it. If we have to cancel or postpone an event we try to give as much notice as possible this normal is announced on the Friday before the event. However always check our website before leaving on Sunday morning
  • Final instructions, which will give you directions, start times and any other event information you will need, are normally sent out by email on the Friday before the event
  • At signing on you will be given a wristband these should be fitted to your helmet on the chin protector and visible.

Bike regulations

Tyres - Any tyres will be permitted at our events unless stipulated otherwise

Exhaust - Noise levels must be to 94db or under

Kill Switch - Fitted, condition, operational

Throttle - Check operation has a smooth action and a spring return

Steering - Check handlebars, grips, levers for security and those levers have ball ends. Check steering head bearings using front brake (slight play allowed) always check that handle bar ends are covered

Brakes - Both front and rear brakes must be functional and all parts secured and locking pins in place

Suspension - No obvious oil leaks, broken springs or suspension parts and mountings that could be dangerous

Clothing and equipment

All Riders Must:

  • Wear a helmet bearing the ACU gold or silver stamp in sound condition
  • Off-road motorcycle specific boots
  • Knee pads/braces (not compulsory but strongly recommended)
  • Wear motorcycle goggles (not compulsory but strongly recommended)

We recommend riders also wear:

  • Body armour
  • Gloves
  • Chest roost guards
  • Elbow pads
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