Free Ride
Venue Lytchett Estate Freeride
Date 21st Oct
    Freeride -Lytchett Estate Nr Wimborne BH16 6JF

Free Ride

Venue Lytchett Estate, Nr Wimborne Post code BH16 6JF

This event will open on Tuesday 9th October.

Track n Trail Freeride 21nd October, Lytchett Estate Brand New Track on the East side of the estate, Nr Wimborne.
This post code will change to a better one on the final instructions Post code BH16 6JF

Lytchett Freeride This is a new unridden venue for 2018, course includes plenty of broad leaf woodland sections mixed up with stunning grass parkland sections and includes a very large and untouched hilly forest area. The start has good parking within the grass parkland, with the course running 3-4 miles incorporating all this beautiful area.

There will be plenty of open grass areas and one being laid out as an old school scramble track.

To view the track watch this Video from a different part of the estate .

This event will be very popular so please book up sooner rather than later.

Adult practice (Over 14’s only) plus a youth beginner’s auto track.

Track run under ACU guidelines. 94db noise limit will apply.

Freeride starts at 10am and finishes 3pm.