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The Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble! Round 1 March 1st 2015

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GNCC Scramble Round 2 Thorncombe April 2015

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Rnd 2 Tenko The Ultimate Jungle Race Video footage by Ben Harvey

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Destination Portland Mikes Extreme Diner

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Thorncombe Hare & Hounds 2013

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Tenko Race Day – Sunday 15th July 2017

We have cancelled the race at Tenko because of lack of entry’s and will now be running a Freeride Tenko on the 15th July. The Freeride will open tomorrow 4th July.

It’s a shame we have had to do this but if riders don’t enter there’s not much we can do about that. I don’t think the hot and dry conditions have helped either.

Thank you to those of you who have taken the trouble to do an entry sorry that we are unable to continue with the race.

A large wooded area which is only used for races will be added to create The Ultimate Jungle Race.

You’ll be ducking in and out of flowing woodland sections with sand, jumps and meandering paths.

Plese go to the events page for more info.

Over 40 Expert
Clubman 2 stroke
Clubman 4 Stroke
Over 40 Clubman
Over 50’s
Sportsman 2 Stroke
Sportsman 4 Stroke

Thanks for your support. Mike

Unfortunately, we have now had to cancel the Freeride planned for this weekend, Sunday 15th July, due to risk of fire. The estate has informed us that due to the extreme temperatures the woodland is tinder dry and large sections of the area are unsafe for motor sport. Thanks for all the support and entries we have received. We will aim to run our next Freeride when the temperature cools off a bit.


Noise limit 94 dB Any tyres

Venue Tenko

Please go to the events page for more info.

Thanks for supporting Track n Trail.

Enduro Training Academy level two's next date is coming soon.

To book a place text 07581143212 or ring for more information.

Level 2 is all about the most important Enduro riding skills, we will show you how to corner correctly for example where, why and how you need to move around on the bike when riding corners. Plus how to save the front end if and when it loses grip and how to keep the rear wheel griping keeping prefect control all the time.

It does not matter what level of rider you are as long as you are comfortable on an enduro bike. Whether you are a beginner or a clubman rider who has been riding all their life, we will teach you what you need to know to avoid or eliminate bad habits. Even the incredibly talented young riders we invite to help us run these coaching days learn something new or tweak their riding each time they come. It is important for all riders to slow down and go back to revisit all the basic skills and techniques. This helps you to work out how to get the very best out of your bike.

Only 10 places for each day ensuring high ratio of coach to rider.

Join our Professional team led by accredited ACU commercial coach for a full day of training.

We can give you all the skills and knowledge you need to be quicker, smarter and safer on the track. that’s guaranteed. At the end of a training session your confidence and ability will have grown significantly.

Thanks to our team of riders for all your help and support and to all our guests who help to make these days very enjoyable. Mike