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The Hants Grand National Cross Country Scramble! Sunday 1st March 2015

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Rnd 1 Thorncombe A great Video by Becky Widdicombe

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Rnd 2 Tenko The Ultimate Jungle Race Video footage by Ben Harvey

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Destination Portland Mikes Extreme Diner

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Bolter makes new easier route into the guts of Destination Portland for 2012

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Final Insrutions and Schedule are on events page.

Track n Trail Grand National Cross Country Scramble Series continues at Thorncombe we have tagged this venue Enduro Ecstasy, when you see her you will know why.
Last summer we added a purpose built GNCC race track to this already outstanding venue.

This track has everything an Enduro rider could ask for! Grassy, open moorland, no shortage of wooded terrain and two craggy stubble fields to tear through, the first one is at the starting area and the second to break up the woodland sections. Plus there are rocky streams beds, some 3rd and 4th gear flowing, open going and plenty of air time including a table top! You will need to keep your eyes stretched and your mind focused. I, myself, cannot wait to have a go on this track of 3 to 4 miles of cross country Heaven. This track will be one of the best Enduro tracks you will ride in 2015. This will be the only chance to ride this GNCC race track this year. Bring it on the 26th April!

Video It’s not the CNCC track but show the venue very well, it's the first film on our home page click on the film rotator or follow this link

More info coming soon race entry is now open and payment is on the day.

To Enter please go to the events page.

Click here for info on next three events.

It is not long before we head down to Thorncombe to plan the New Grand National Cross Country Scramble track for Track n Trail Round 2 on the 26th April. Preparation should be much easier this year after all the digger work put in last year to create this exciting 3 to 4mile scramble track. We can also confirm that Round 3 has also been lined up for 31st May and will be a 2.5 hour Hare and Hounds at the amazing Tenko. We will have a practice in between the 2 races at the incredible Wickwar on 10th May.

A very busy schedule has not allowed us time to count up the entries for Thorncombe yet but the race entry website is having to work hard to keep up with the entries inbox.

If you haven’t yet found the motivation to get online and book up, do so soon or you will be sick as a parrot when you see the red, hot, professional race footage of Round 2 Enduro heaven which will be shot by our very, very nice camera man from the BBC! For more details go to our events page at

Thorncombe Track description we are aiming for 3 to 4mile scramble track With riders putting in 3to 4 laps per heat, flowing open woodland, plenty of fast but technical stuble mx sections, with a real mixture of land, we are planning a completely new lay out for our scramble track.

Click here to read more.

Track n Trail and our riders have been invited to run a Enduro practice day at this fantastic track .

This absolutely cracking venue has an incredible diverse mix of terrain including shallow stony stream beds and woodland areas which makes the track so exciting. It also incorporates a grassy, hilly old school motocross track with an abundance of character including natural jumps. This race track will stretch around 3 miles of stunning Gloucestershire countryside.

For some of our regular riders this track is a bit outside our usual area, but do not let this put you off as I can guarantee you that it is worth the journey. It’s situated North of Bath, postcode GL12 8NS.

Please note payment will be taken on the day £32 members and £35 non members.

Run under ACU guidelines. Any tyre. Noise limit 94db

Video You can get a glimpse of what the track will be like here is the link:

To book a ride please go to events page at Any problems Text or ring us on 07581143212 or email

Thanks for the support! Mike.